Proven Track Record

Domain Real Estate is a specialist Australian rural acreage real estate company.
Our focus as exclusive agents through our associated companies we manage the acquisition and development of large-scale rural and agricultural properties and at competitive prices we offer the projects in individual parcels in the local marketplace. 
We as a group take pride in enhancing the land on these properties, including roads, bridges and crossings,  gates, and all other improvements.
Following completion of the land subdivision and improvements phase, projects are individually marketed and sold by our in-house Stock and Station and Real Estate Agency directly to potential clients.
With a proven long-term track record in the sales of rural and agricultural properties,  Domain Real Estate was established in 1984 in Sydney.

George Tzovaras

George Tzovaras is a successful entrepreneur and CEO with a wealth of experience in the property industry. He has a diverse background, having been born in Greece and educated in Belgium before migrating to Australia with his family. He has developed a love for the Australian bush and its people, and has bought, sold, and developed hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of property in various parts of the country. Tzovaras is the CEO of The Land Company of Australia Pty Ltd, Yellowstone Estate, Domain Real Estate Corporation Pty Ltd, and Kallithea Australia Pty Ltd. He is also the founder, owner, and licensee in charge of Domain Real Estate, a Stock and Station and Real estate Agency that has been operating for 38 years. His primary focus is on the acquisition and development of large-scale rural and agricultural properties, which he then enhances before marketing and selling them through his in-house Agency to potential clients both locally and overseas. His portfolio includes properties of various sizes, ranging from 226-acre island to massive pastoral properties such as Lorella Springs (1 million acres), Hanging Rock Station (20,000 acres), Gordon brook Station(13,500 acres), Lachlan Downs, and Kenilworth Station(178,000 + acres), among others. Overall, George Tzovaras has a successful track record in the property industry, and his expertise in the acquisition, development, and marketing of large-scale properties has earned him a solid reputation among clients and industry peers.